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General Dentistry in Camp Hill

Rebuilding Smiles for Families at Vital Dental Care

Camp Hill family dentist

Family friendly dental care at Vital Dental Care

If tooth decay or previous dental trauma has stood in the way of having a healthy smile, it’s time for you to visit our Camp Hill family dentist, Dr Philip Chou. His passion to create a positive care experience drives every service that we provide at Vital Dental Care.

A Focus on Preventative Oral Health Care

From routine checkups to oral hygiene instruction, our preventative style of patient care helps you to limit the extent of dental treatment that you need in the future. Our hygiene visits include scale and cleans, fluoride therapy and child friendly visits where your entire family can relax.

Your Home for Gentle Dentistry

Dr Chou makes every effort to ensure your comfort throughout every procedure. From a friendly staff to attention to the types of numbing gels that we use, Vital Dental Care doesn’t leave a single detail out.

Our conservative approach to restoring damaged teeth allows you to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible. Depending on what your smile has gone through, some of the services that you may want to access include:

White Fillings: Composite restorations are free of mercury and don’t leave any tarnished metal behind. They’re ideal for minimally invasive, durable and aesthetic restorations in areas of tooth decay.

Root Canal Therapy: Should the nerve of your tooth be damaged or infected, a root canal can preserve it for many years to come.

Wisdom Tooth Removal: Dr Chou offers both consultations and selective extractions for impacted or infected wisdom teeth.

Sleep Apnoea Management: Thanks to additional training, Dr Chou is able to provide sleep apnoea consultations and custom appliances to ease the problems caused by sleep disordered breathing. If you snore or suspect that you or a family member has sleep apnoea, call us to find out how we can help you sleep more soundly without damage to your teeth.

Crowns and Bridges: Severely decayed or broken teeth may need to be covered with a porcelain crown or replaced entirely with a bridge.

Removable Dentures: These removable appliances enable you to replace all of your missing teeth at one time.

As someone who grew up disliking trips to the doctor’s office, Dr Chou has a high level of empathy for our anxious dental patients. How can we help you have a healthier smile? Contact Vital Dental Care in Camp Hill today to get started. Insurance plans welcome.

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