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Meet Our Team

Meet Dr Susana, our friendly Dentist!

Meet Dr Susana

Meet Dr Susana Vuvan, Dentist

Dr Susana joins the Vital Dental Care team as our new Dentist. Dr Susana Dr Phil studied dentistry and graduated together in 2007, and have been friends ever since.

Since graduating, Dr Susana has honed her dental skills from working in Government practice for 5 years in Toowoomba before joining Teachers Union Health in 2012. She loves keeping up to date with the latest advances in dentistry through membership of various study clubs, such as Cadmus, and attends workshops and lectures throughout the year to continue her professional development.

Susana loves helping people improve their health and quality of life through dentistry. She has spent numerous years in the Australian public service, working to ensure that dental care is affordable to everyone, and she also is a volunteer dentist in Cambodia and Papua New Guinea where she goes yearly on charity missions. Not only is Susana incredibly generous with her time (and is super nice, to boot!), she conducts procedures in a gentle manner and loves helping people overcome their dental fears by trying to make their dental experience as comfortable and painless as possible.

Outside of work, Dr Susana sends time with family and friends, cares for her pet dog Sasha and is crazy good at martial arts.

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Meet Amanda Giang, Oral Health Therapist

Amanda G.

Meet Amanda

After 6 years as a dental assistant, Amanda studied to become an Oral Health Therapist after she developed an interest in the prevention, treatment, and management of oral health and diseases. She knew she could make more of a difference in her patients’ lives and says, “having the ability to improve a patient’s oral health and their overall general health and quality of life is what I love most about the dental health profession.” Her favourite oral health tip is that flossing is as important as brushing, but she also gets that prioritising flossing isn’t always easy, and suggests working up to build the habit.

Amanda completed her Bachelor of Oral Therapy with extended scope, which means that she can carry out x-rays, gentle and thorough cleans for patients of all ages, fillings, fluoride applications, and dentistry on children aged 0-17 (which includes exams, cleans, fillings and removal of baby teeth). Her role as an Oral Health Therapist works in conjunction with Dr Phil and Dr Susana to give you the best advice and support them in improving your oral health outcomes. Amanda will be involved in your treatment planning, diagnosis and educating you on how to best care for your teeth at home.

Amanda also prides herself on her ability to connect individually with patients, and wants you to feel comfortable around her. A large part of her job is caring for children, and she gets that children require a special type of care – she has two young nieces that she loves and regularly takes care of them and takes them to swimming lessons. Amanda is a gun at playing board games (don’t sit opposite her during a game of chess!) and loves to scale walls at an indoor rock climbing centre. In her spare time, she watches reruns of Friends, and you’d never know it if you saw her, but she has a red belt with three stripes in Tae Kwon Do!

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Jenna Gibson Practice Manager

Meet Jenna

Meet Jenna Gibson, Our Practice Manager

Jenna is our highly valued practice manager who covers many roles within our practice. She brings considerable experience to the team, having been in the dental industry for 15 years.

Excellence and Efficiency

Jenna was a recipient of the Australian Dental Association’s award of excellence and as a result her paper on infection control in the modern dental practice was published in the Australian Dental Association Magazine.

She supports what we do everyday, and ensures our practice runs smoothly and efficiently. Jenna’s care of our patients is of the highest possible standard, and she always goes the extra mile to ensure our patients are satisfied and happy. In particular, as an adoring mother of two, Jenna has a special interest in helping other parents with the preventive care of their children.

Outside of the Practice

Jenna loves to escape on her weekends to go camping and 4×4 driving with her husband and kids.

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Meet Elisa


Meet Elisa, our Clinical Co-Ordinator and Dental Nurse

Elisa is one of our amazing dental nurses whose passion is customer service. Elisa’s first concern is making sure you feel comfortable and relaxed at the
dentist. She loves having a laugh with our patients and will always go the extra mile to ensure you feel happy at our practice. Elisa has had over a decade’s experience in customer service and retail management and is a true asset to our team. She is currently studying for her Certificate III in Dental Assisting while working at Vital Dental Care and caring for her two children. Elisa loves to travel and try new foods, and if you need any recommendations for a great café or shop, Elisa is your gal!

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Meet Adele


Meet Adele, our Dental Nurse

Adele knows that a trip to the dentist’s office isn’t something most people get excited about, but it’s so important to ensure you trust and connect to your dental team. That’s why you’ll always see Adele with a big smile on her face and keen for a joke. Adele is used to working in a busy dental setting, so you can be sure that efficiency and effectiveness is her priority. She is currently studying for her Certificate III in Dental Assisting and has two children who she loves spending time with and keep her extremely busy.

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